What is Odoo Accounting?

08 Oct 2022

The accounting department's success relies heavily on how well it practices and assists since it is essential to the organization's overall health. Ideally, they should fit with the company's existing strategy. Therefore, selecting the best accounting solutions software will result in significant time and financial savings. Odoo is one of the best accounting systems on the market today.

Hence, this post will explore Odoo- the best accounting software for enterprise management in 2022. Let's dive in.

What is Odoo Accounting?

You can choose only the functionality you need with Odoo, as it is designed as modular software. As part of its features, accounting is one of the modules that Odoo offers.

Your accounting solution must integrate with your marketing and customer relation departments. The accounts are always updated when everything is integrated, and the figures add up.

Odoo Accounting has had significant expansions in terms of features and functionality over time. Small-to-medium-sized businesses can manage their accounting internally without hiring external accountants with the Odoo Accounting solution.

Key Features of Odoo Accounting Solution

The following are some of the features of the Odoo Accounting soft.

Accounting Automation

It's now easier than ever to automate important daily actions! Odoo makes accounting management simpler by automating things like producing provisional invoices based on sales orders. If the sales order is accurate, the manager can verify the invoice rather than make a new one.

Detailed Performance Reports

This robust application provides various reports that let you analyze your performance. Reports contain the following information:

  • Integrated KPIs based on best practices.

  • An explanation of each section.

  • Losses and gains accumulate over time.


The Odoo Payments System provides businesses with numerous options for getting paid and settling debts. You won't have to worry about late payments anymore! Odoo Accounting provides the following features:

  • Accepts major payment gateways, including Ingenico,, Adyen, PayPal, etc.

  • The overdue payment overviews let users check all overdue and future payments simultaneously.

  • Set up an automatic email reminder system to remind customers to pay late invoices.

  • Provide batch payment error reports so you can spot costly errors right away.


Odoo ERP Accounting makes it easy to adapt to your specific business needs. You'll find these:

  • With daily exchange rate updates, it supports multi-currency.

  • It's easy to create multiple users with different levels of access.

  • Integrate all of your subsidiaries and get real-time consolidation reports. Make business processes more efficient by using inter-company regulations.

The Odoo ERP Accounting software works together as a bunch of connected programs to offer you the best service.

The accounting solutions from Odoo allow companies to eliminate manual labor. Even with 100 warehouses, Odoo's cutting-edge automation and sophisticated routes can reduce that number by half.

Benefits of Odoo Accounting Module

Odoo Accounting offers all-in-one financial accounting solutions. You should be aware of some benefits of the Odoo Accounting solution.

Bank Synchronization

With Odoo, you'll be able to manage your entire banking process from one place by reconciling transactions. Set up Odoo, which will sync with your bank at specified intervals. With Odoo, you can unload statements in CSV, CAMT, OFX, and QUIF formats. It allows you to track all your transactions in one place.


The Odoo accounting module supports batch payments with configurable values so businesses can review credit card transactions and transfer costs immediately.


Users can create invoices for goods and services at different stages of their business using Odoo's accounting software. You can send the invoice straight from the sales quotation and deliver it orally or by email. Also, Odoo allows users to create invoices for service times and replacement parts from the field.

Accounting Reports

The platform displays reports of the numerous business factors that the module continuously tracks, such as profit and loss, sales data, invoice details, etc. Users can use these analytics to gain insight into how the company runs and make informed decisions. In addition, Odoo accounting will provide recurring tax reports based on local tax rates.

Businesses can aggregate and filter this real-time data using different features and measurements. Using the platform's basic forms, you can view the accounting reports as charts, graphs, and tables.

Expenses and Billing

Odoo's accounting functionality lets you see your company's bills and due dates. Furthermore, it creates a deposit report to provide a complete picture of your payment and records vendor deposits. Business owners can thus easily ensure accounting records are accurate.

Odoo accounting gives you full control over your bills, from bulk printing to uploading. You can identify fraud and errors in your purchase-to-pay process using Odoo Accounting's three-way matching feature.

Integration and Multiple Connection

The online accounting software from Odoo connects with all platform features and hundreds of apps. A total of 170 different currencies and multiple language options are available.

You have amazing connections between businesses, customers, websites, warehouses, and sales channels. It helps businesses increase sales by optimizing their website, administration, and stock management.

Intuitiveness and Productivity

Odoo Accounting offers a virtual assistant to assist users in automating accounting procedures. Therefore, simplifying operations and optimizing efficiency can reduce unnecessary detours. Additionally, bulk actions can save you time and energy on routine tasks.

In the same way that the world advances, Odoo does too. The technology landscape is constantly evolving, so you need a strategic partner who will travel with you. The Odoo ERP will constantly develop new features to accommodate any framework or industry.

RCC is one of the leading proponents of Odoo ERP, with mastery of its accounting and other modules. RCC commit to deliver high quality services with our expertise in ERP implementation services across manufacturing, retail, and IT industries, we can help your business implement the best Odoo ERP solution.

The Takeaway

It concludes our roundup about Odoo ERP, the best accounting solution for enterprise management in 2022. You've just read that Odoo Accounting has many features to help you manage your business, big or small.

You should take advantage of many features in Odoo's accounting solutions. Contact us at RCC today to implement the ERP solution that's right for your enterprise.


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