Property Management System

10X Your Business Growth

Manage all properties, facility operations, All-in-one solution


RCC provides a fully integrated Cloud Based Software and Mobile ready solutions for Real Estate Management.

Real Estate Management System provides easy Integration with 3rd Party, Automate Workflows, Centralized Data, Following Saudi legal & Procedures and more All-In-One Integrated system.

Product Key Features

  •  Enormously simple and easy to use with simplistic design and workflow.

  •  Increase accuracy and save time by accessing information for your entire portfolio of properties in a single database.

  •  Integration with Invoicing, Property Maintenance and google map  

  •  Maintain and update the Property database on a secured cloud

  •  Automate Workflows

    • Easy tracking system with Invoices, Payments process

  •   Centralize Data

    • Manage Property Details
    • Property Units
    • Attach the unit’s Floor plans, images of the unit and video
    • Manage Property booking & reservation with down-payment
    • Manage Tenants and owners
    • Property maintenance
    • Sending confirmation SMS to Tenant/Owner with labor details and maintenance time
    • Emails and SMS system to notify customer
    • Broker Commission

    Follow Saudi legal & Procedures

    •   Lease Contracts & Invoicing

    •   Sales Contracts & Invoicing

    •   Manage Insurance

    Mobile Access

    Work anywhere using any mobile device with full access to your data, real-time analytic, and mobile apps.

    • Allow customer to request a maintenance from his portal
    • Allow customer to follow his maintenance request till closing the order and rate the service.

           Dynamic Dashboard & Reporting

    •  User friendly
    •  Scale system
    •  Dynamic reports

    Your Business. Anywhere.

    Manage your properties from Anywhere

    Paperless property management

    Go digital and advance your business’s success. A paperless property management solution decreases operating expenses, improves processing speeds, decreases risk and promotes a clear relationship with team, customer, and residents. To learn more about how Reality Code can help you flourish with a paperless workspace,Ask for A Demo Now.

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