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Enterprise Resource Planning Software

Implementation of an enterprise resource planning software led to substantial ROI growth in 98% of businesses worldwide. These software packages have proven indispensable in business process improvement as it reduces costs, boosts efficiency, expands collaboration and workflow, and increases total visibility and data reliability.

Step 1

Gap Analysis

Understand and analyze the client's requirement to identify gaps and propose the right design.
Step 2

Design & Development

We design and develop the right solutions based on the requirements and gap analysis.
Step 3

Test & Deployment

Multi-level testing phases, data migration, and system preparation for deployment.

Institutional operations are built on a scientific and practical foundation, like accounting, which is a stand-alone and essential discipline in any institution. Automated systems have been found to speed up processes and reduce errors, but only in accordance with the methodologies of this specialization that cannot be broken. From this perspective, we adhere to a specialized methodology and method in structuring the project team as each of our consultants is regarded as a specialist in one of the key areas on which organizations depend in addition to understanding the customer and applying this knowledge in the applied aspect of automation and digital transformation, which ensures us a deep understanding of the customer's procedures and speed in implementation of all systems like accounting, inventory, and purchasing. It is being analyzed simultaneously, with the same efficiency and quality, in an integrated system that aims to prove the opposite of global statistics that indicate that failure rate is 75%; we are able to make success.

The Most Important Organizational Factors

In this type of mega projects, documentation is one of the most important organizational factors that keep all team members and stakeholders in line, allowing them to work in harmony. The analysts work concurrently with the rest of the team to translate their deep understanding of the proposed solutions into documents approved by the stakeholders. The work then progresses to the developmental stage, requiring practical development of an infrastructure with distinctive specifications capable of interacting with the amount of customized versions updates that are uploaded almost daily during the duration of the project and in successive stages. Sequential tests are an integral part of every stage of the project. They are typically done to test the quality in terms of functionality of designed solutions after the analysis stage; documentation and security in the development stage; and user acceptance test in the preproduction stage before the system officially launch.

Another important factor in this type of project is the transfer of knowledge and extensive training. Upon completion of the migration of data and training of users, a test pilot phase is launched that ensures users’ understanding of the system, and allows us to validate the outputs, addressing any possibility of error that may occur or disable the actual launch.

An integrated infrastructure, a unique team structure, global and specialized methodologies in implementation aimed at helping you achieve digital transformation successfully. Order our services now.

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