Technologies and Platform We use

Our strategy is to simplify digitization and provide businesses with efficient and integrated solutions and streamline their business processes using the right technologies that will result in an interactive environment, helping them achieve their expectations, through employing Global and trendy technologies that are carefully selected and integrated together to optimize and improve the quality of our client's operations and customization process, minimizing technical difficulties through the visibility and stability they provide us.

Why did we choose these technologies?

We are attracted by their peak qualities and superior offerings. Our goal is to obtain the strengths of all solutions and combine them to provide an integrated solution and an all-in-one experience for our clients.

How They Combined Together

A strategy is developed to find the perfect solution and combination of technology for our clients to ensure that we provide the finest quality to them. We combine an integrated infrastructure for managing development that monitors and manages versions of systems, updates them, troubleshoots anomalies at high speed, selects the appropriate technologies, and integrates them with each other. We start by building the code repositories and our servers with auto-deployment, and a powerful monitoring system to restore the services, and notify those responsible for the infrastructure using these technologies and services; GitHub, Amazon AWS, Cooperative, Terraform, Ansible, Sentry, Slack, Grafana, and Prometheus
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