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About Reality Code

Reality Code is a professional company concerned with digitalization and automation based on local open-source systems. We aspire and strive to be a role model in the industry and to serve the local markets in the Saudi and Gulf area in an unprecedented way following best practices and providing localized tools with international insights.

Why Reality Code?

Reality Code puts user needs and business goals at the heart of processes to build solutions that drive engagement, with a focus on high-impact user-experience, incorporating feedback directly into the processes.




Years Experience

Decades of Industry Experience

Our team is made up of industry experts with decades of experience in information technology and software development. Our clients enjoy professional services from our business analysts, UX designers, front-end and back-end developers, DevOps engineers, and quality assurance specialists who ensure that we not only meet up with our client’s present needs but are also flexible enough to meet up with future needs.

Robust Technology Stack

We combine an integrated infrastructure for managing development that monitors and manages versions of systems, updates them, troubleshoots anomalies at high speed, selects the appropriate technologies, and integrates them with each other.

Discussion is an important thing in the development process. Thus new ideas and ingenious solutions are born. Then we get to work with renewed vigor and inspiration. We are never bored.


Awards Winning


Our mission is to provide digital transformation solutions with high quality and shortest development & implementation time in the Saudi and Gulf markets. So our clients are able to run their business smoothly.


A world-class business leader, providing localized technology solutions and digital transformation of customer experience. 

Reality code provides web development, mobile application development , outsourcing ,oddo erp system and software development.

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